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Video Editing
TntiFlicker can be downloaded either as a standalone freeware program or as a video filter plug-in to use with Ulead Media Studio
The latest AntiFlicker program (freeware, version can be downloaded from (~600Kb)

Installation of AntiFlicker

- Unzip executable Antiflicker.exe and IJLlink.dll to any directory (for example to c:\Program Files\AntiFlicker\)

- Run Antiflicker.exe . It's a standalone program that doesn't need any installation. It does not make any changes in Windows Registry

The plug-in for Ulead Media Studio and related products (tested with UMS v.7) can be downloaded from (~200Kb)

Installation of AntiFlicker for UMS

- Unzip filter dll AntiFlicker.vft and help file ANTIFLICKER.HLP to Ulead video filter plug-in directory (for example to C:\Program Files\Ulead Systems\Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0\vft_plug\)

- Start Ulead Video Editor and make sure that AntiFlicker is on the video filter list in the group.

- Make you video life more stable!

- Report me a bug or two using the e-mail below

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